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colors right from mother earth

A clay wall showing color and texture creative commons by-nc-nd 2012 bruce john stracke.

There is something about clay plastered walls. Some folks say that negative ions cause a more calming environment while counteracting the electromagnetic effect our computers, appliances and plastics create. Clay walls do speak to us, drawing us back to some … Continue reading

walls to floors

tubbsBarnWood-3 creative commons by-nc-nd 2011 bruce john stracke.

We love finding old materials we can re-purpose in our projects. Not only does recycling help the environment, we really get excited about the creative opportunities reusing materials offer our designs. According to the EPA an average new construction project … Continue reading

come again another day

Rain On Wire Green creative commons by-nc-nd 2007 bruce john stracke.

We really enjoy adding rainwater harvesting to hill country homes. While it may seem counter intuitive to use rainwater harvesting during our drought our most recently completed collection system has already captured nearly 40,000 gallons during three months of below … Continue reading