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come again another day

Rain On Wire Green creative commons by-nc-nd 2007 bruce john stracke.

We really enjoy adding rainwater harvesting to hill country homes. While it may seem counter intuitive to use rainwater harvesting during our drought our most recently completed collection system has already captured nearly 40,000 gallons during three months of below … Continue reading

three simple goals

Aeromotor creative commons by-nc-nd 2007 bruce john stracke.

need less, use less, produce your own. Need less is not about going without, or depriving our selves. When building a home ‘need less’ simply recognizes two important issues. The first is logical: a successful home should be … Continue reading


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Our family is likely not so different from yours. We enjoy the outdoors and watching movies together. Dominoes is a common game played on the patio as we watch day’s end on warm summer evenings. The kids like all the … Continue reading