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our biggest investment may leave more for the finer things in life

This article appeared in the 2010 June 5-6 Kerrville Daily Times Weekend Edition under “Hill Country Real Estate offers good home values for living and investment.” Below is the original unedited version as I wrote it.

Our biggest investment may leave more for the finer things in life

Real estate in the Texas hill country offers some of the best values in the country. The reasons are simple: affordability, choice, investment potential, lifestyle and location, location, location. The way it stacks up Texas real estate is the easy choice for anyone looking for a new home or investment property today.

Texas real estate hasn’t experienced the swings in value other parts of the country have recently, as a result ‘affordable value’ is the phrase of the day for hill country real estate. Instead of going through the boom and bust cycle, real estate in Texas took a more conservative path to value. Looking back to 2008 Texas already had some of the most affordable housing in the country. As home prices fell significantly elsewhere, real estate in the hill country held more of its value.

You won’t find the national homebuilders offering the same house you can buy in Phoenix or Florida here. The hill country has a great tradition of craftsmen building homes. Folks who put their heart and soul into the homes they built and still build here today. Existing homes with character and individuality that you can make your own are common. This combined with the fact that the number of properties ‘on the market’ is larger today, provides home buyers more choice and flexibility. A Texas Realtor® is a great resource for sorting out the chafe and locating the property that suits each buyer’s individual needs: live water, hill country views, in town or out in the country, a quiet cottage or town-homes on the golf course. Whether buyers are looking for creative financing, move-in ready, a fixer-upper or their own spread of land in the Texas hill country to enjoy, today’s market has something for everyone and Texas Realtors® are the professionals best suited to assist in finding the right property.

Real estate is often folk’s biggest investment and today’s market may offer the best opportunity in years for buyers. While prices in the hill country haven’t pulled back as much as in other parts of the country, don’t think that means there aren’t good buys available. Buyers here are finding investment opportunities they can comfortably live in. One of the advantages Texas homeowners have enjoyed through the recent market adjustment is relative safety in their investment because their property values declined less in comparison to other parts of the country. Most investment advisors suggest slow and steady appreciation over quick returns, and while it may seem contrarian, buying today could prove a good choice for tomorrow. Of course, prudence dictates you consult your investment advisor before investing.

A lifestyle second to none. Whether you enjoy the arts, golf, river sports, symphony, horseback riding, museums, cycling, shopping, folk music, theatre, dance or simply good weather and views, we have it here. According to Texas A&M University, Real Estate Center Chief Economist Mark Dotzour, Ph.D., in a recent study, “The fact that Texans pay less of their income for housing means they have more to spend on other things that add to the overall quality of life.” Living in the hill country gives many folks the ability to enjoy activities they may not be able to afford elsewhere. The hill country is home to first class medical and educational facilities, too. In fact, the only thing missing seems to be the traffic, smog and a need to hurry everywhere you go. Add that the hill country is in the heart of our nation with Austin and San Antonio’s international airports close enough to pickup the kids or grandkids when they visit and the old real estate mantra isn’t truer anywhere else: location, location, location.

Opportunities abound in today’s Texas hill country real estate market. Here we have the affordability, choice, investment potential, lifestyle and location fit for everyone’s tastes. And who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a cowboy or girl once in their life? If you have an interest in real estate the best way to learn more is by contacting a Texas Realtor® with the Kerrville Board of Realtors®.

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