A plan view for a small rainwater harvesting project © 2012 Corner Canyon Homes. All rights reserved.

rainwater to irrigation on indian creek

These folks became concerned during our recent drought at the amount of rainwater simply running off from even infrequent thunderstorms. Wondering how this surplus could be stored for later use to maintain their landscape and horses, they asked if we could help them design a collection system that makes the most of their existing drip irrigation system while saving the aquifer their well taps into for themselves and their neighbors.

This small rainwater harvesting system is designed in three economical phases:

Phase one, shown above and in the gallery below, brings online a 16,000 gallon Bluescope green steel Pioneer Galaxy tank, a DAB Divertron 1200 digitally controlled submersible pump to provide irrigation water to hose bibs, a drip system and koi pond. Since the rainwater pressure system will be connected with the well’s pressure system at the same pressure plane we designed the connections to keep each source separate from the other while still allowing either system to be used. Here are some photos of the work in progress-

Phase two, is currently planned to add additional collection off the carport roof and storage in the upper garden for hand watering. Because of limited space and the aesthetics we’ll create a ‘water wall’ tank. While this collection area could be plumbed to the larger tank, our homeowner has particular needs and desires that make separate storage the best answer for their situation.

Phase three, will complete the system by adding collection and storage to the horse barn and corral, supplying water to the horses. This gravity fed system will integrate with the barn supply and automatically refill drinking stations for the horses.

When completed the entire system will have a storage capacity of about 20,000 gallons providing rainwater through both pressurized and gravity fed outlets. All but one small roof area will be collected, stored and used, redirecting 1,000’s of gallons of runoff from each storm event to be saved. This system, specifically designed to meet their individual needs, will sustain their beautiful garden, ponds and horses during the long dry spells while reducing their withdrawals from the aquifer below for nonessential uses.