A clay wall showing color and texture creative commons by-nc-nd 2012 bruce john stracke.

colors right from mother earth

There is something about clay plastered walls. Some folks say that negative ions cause a more calming environment while counteracting the electromagnetic effect our computers, appliances and plastics create. Clay walls do speak to us, drawing us back to some deep tap root in our past. That earthy feel comforts us. Our hands naturally reach out to touch, reminding us we are a part of our environment. Clay plasters offer opportunities for vivid natural colors and textures of depth that resonant with us.

A review of the literature from American Clay and our local supplier, Natural Clay Finishes, suggests clay plaster is a natural alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement, acrylic and gypsum plasters, offered in thousands of colors and unlimited textures with depth not found in other finishes. The hygroscopic properties of clay help regulate indoor humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture naturally. Warm to the touch in winter and cool in summer, clay plaster brings a healthy, non-toxic, VOC-free finish to interior spaces.

With 72% post industrial recycled and reclaimed content clay is easy to use and produces no waste. It also has the lowest carbon footprint of wall finishes making it a natural choice for those wanting to ‘green’ their home, yet clay plaster benefits any home. I know the homes we add clay to have a natural warmth that reminds me of sunshine and fresh breezes for simply comfortable living.