Our family is likely not so different from yours. We enjoy the outdoors and watching movies together. Dominoes is a common game played on the patio as we watch day’s end on warm summer evenings. The kids like all the things kids do, including watching a “screen” too often. It always strikes me how much fun they have away from one though.

Our oldest is away at college most of the time becoming a city girl; she always seems to find a horse when home. In the middle, our son enjoys sports more than anything else. The youngest is out to prove she can do anything her older siblings can. Watching them grow reminds me we should leave the world a better place for our children and grand children.

After a hard days’ play we like to retreat to the comfort our home offers. A kitchen as hub, our home’s design wraps about us. Perfect for the way our family interacts, rooms radiant out creating large public spaces, home offices and a small reading nook. Whether standing on the veranda watching a thunderstorm or escaping the summer heat a home should shelter what’s important. And when the kids are all home that’s when I most enjoy simply comfortable living.