redOakRedSquirrel creative commons by-nc-nd 2007 bruce john stracke.


Every home speaks of its owner, their personality, lifestyle and view of the world. You may not be comfortable in this red squirrel’s home, and her family wouldn’t fit well in your perfect home either. As a builder our goal is to help you express yourself in a sustainable way. Sustainable homes go far beyond today’s ‘green building’ hype though. For a home to be sustainable it needs to make sense on many levels. The space needs to fit your family. While maintenance is always a regular chore, it should be achievable with resources at hand. Green features must make sense and work to your benefit. The energy a home consumes to keeping your family comfortable should be used well. A sustainable home is affordable.

Whether recreating an old house or starting anew each home we build is a collaboration between us all. The journey begins with planning, education and design. Bruce is a natural guide for clients as they start out to build their dream home. With an ability to take what works from the past and integrate today’s best practice with your vision, Bruce’s design sense crafts spaces that feel familiar the moment you walk in. Mixing new, recycled and engineered materials he builds homes of character and substance fulfilling his clients’ needs. Homes that feel like home.

Like this oak tree our squirrel enjoys, our homes are built to age gracefully with you, each one a testament to longevity and simply comfortable living.